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 Lublin's Partner and Friend Cities

Rishon LeZion
Israel (Central Region)

Agreement signed: 01.10.1992
Population: 240 000

Rishon LeZion is located in the geographic heart of Israel, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
The first settlers in 1882, 17 pioneer families from the Ukraine, Moldova and Poland chose the name Rishon LeZion – First to Zion. The name, taken from the Bible, proved to be right. Rishon LeZion is a city with a tradition of being first in many areas. Here the first national flag was flown for the first time, the national anthem was first sung, the Hebrew language was first taught, the first Orchestra played, the first Jewish iron plough was invented and the first winery was established.Today, Rishon LeZion is a large, vigorous city. The growing demand for housing has resulted in the rapid development of new neighborhoods throughout the city all the way to the seashore. Rishon LeZion serves as the metropolitan focus for smaller cities in the vicinity offering modern commercial centers, extensive industrial areas, new sports facilities. The College of Management established in Rishon LeZion in 1992, is the largest private College in Israel and the largest academic institution in the city with 10.000 students. It consists of Schools of Business Administration, Law, Media, Economics, Computer Science, Criminology, Interior design and more. In the north - the Volcani Center, the National Agricultural Research Organization, is among the leading research institutions world wide. Its activities focus predominantly on three disciplines – field and garden crops, horticulture and farm animal studies. The Volcani Center leads in research of crucial issues such as Bio Diesel and Purifying Water.
The Meir Nitzan Center for Performing Arts is a thriving center for all ages with a variety of cultural activities all year round, such as the famous "Spring Festival". It is also the home of the highly acclaimed Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion, which serves as a haven for contemporary music and musicians. The orchestra is serving as the resident orchestra for the New Israeli Opera.
On 1 October 1992, the authorities of Lublin, Münster and Rishon LeZion signed a trilateral cooperation agreement. .

Municipality of Rishon LeZion
20 Hacarmel Str.
Rishon LeZion 75264
Tel: 972-3-9547255, 9547201
Fax: 972-3-9547090

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